Senior Analyst - Regional Life Actuarial Solutions, AXA Asia

Full Time
Intermediate (3-6 years)

Technical Skills

  • Compliance
  • Life Insurance
  • Process Improvement
  • Product Management
  • Quality Control
  • Valuation

Job Description

Senior Analyst - Regional Life Actuarial Solutions, AXA Asia

Location: HONG KONG

Job Responsibilities:
  • Provide high quality, timely consistent, standardized services to customers.
  • Continually provide quality and timeliness of work and analysis upon requests to ensure customer needs are met
  • Maintain good working relationships with customers through frequent
  • communication
  • Support the team to establish best practice in product pricing, valuation and analyses with well documentation and input checks from designated countries:
  • Ensure that all data, assumptions, etc. submitted for analyses are consistent with approved standards, assumptions, etc. to be used by AXA regionally or in the specific country
  • Ensure adequate documentations on all input data and production outputs for good quality control
  • Set up libraries of standard and ad-hoc analysis templates to facilitate efficient production of results
  • Ensure all input data are checked for accuracy and consistency and liaise with users to explain variances from prior period
  • Ensure consistency in pricing and valuation results across basis
  • Ensure the complete and smooth execution of peer review process that all relevant inputs used for analysis are consistent, realistic and in compliance with AXA standards and policies, refine the process as needed. Provide 1 page commentary upon completion of the peer 2 review.
  • Review all product management proposals to ensure they comply with product management guidelines:
  • Ensure quality and timely delivery of ad-hoc analysis, valuation and planning
  • Plan and work closely with local entities to ensure quality submissions
  • Ensure proper documentation of procedure and process
  • Provide insightful commentary to highlight issues and observation on business
  • Propose process improvement opportunities to all regions
  • Support the Prophet Modelling BAU request from local entities
  • Support the regions when they experience issues in Prophet or models during the valuation process
  • Ensure the new product pricing is modelled in Prophet and the methodology used for pricing and valuation is consistent across regions



  • At least 3 years financial services industry experience, and preferably, an Associate of a recognized actuarial institute or equivalent
  • Knowledge and experience of the Actuarial control cycle
  • Previous life insurance industry / consulting experience preferred
  • Supervisory experience preferred
  • Good English verbal and written communication skills required

Professional Qualifications

  • Associate, Society of Actuaries (ASA)